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Join Our Free English Classes

Do you want to learn English in a simple and easy way? Join our FREE classes every Friday 9am - 10am starting 7 June at the Community Outreach Hub (Woodpecker Hall Academy, entrance via Nightingale Road N9 8BF). Our experienced teachers will help you improve your English skills quickly. Book your pl...

Butterfly Release in Nursery

This week in Nursery, we had a special moment as we released our butterflies into the world to continue their life cycle. The children loved watching the caterpillars transform into butterflies. This experience was crucial for helping them understand the life cycle of a butterfly. Find out about a n...

Circle Time Fun in Nursery

This week in Nursery, the children enjoyed a fun circle time activity. They were given a selection of items to choose from. They then identified which nursery rhyme featured specific items like a bus from The Wheels On The Bus. Afterward, they sang the corresponding song. This exercise helps them bu...

Green Fingers in Reception

This week in Reception, the children tended to their herb garden, strawberry patch, and snail home. They enjoyed watering the mint and basil and watching their strawberries grow. Gardening helps children learn about nature, responsibility, and patience. Visit our website to learn more about our vibr...

Biscuit Baking Fun in Reception

This week in Reception, the children had a special treat: baking biscuits. They loved taking part, choosing a cutter, and helping the teacher make the dough. The biscuits smelled delicious while baking, and the children enjoyed talking about how tasty they smelled. Visit our website to learn more ab...

School INSET Day Closure

The school will be closed for staff training on INSET Days, Thursday 23 May, and Friday 24 May. We look forward to welcoming the children back after the half term break on Monday 3 June.

Community Outreach: Toddler Gym Sessions

Our Outreach team has been hosting exciting toddler gym sessions. Led by Super Star Sport , families have been enjoying fun activities together. These sessions focus on improving confidence, social skills, balance, and agility for children. It's a wonderful opportunity for early development and bond...

Nursery Storytime: Building Values through Reading

Our Nursery children love storytime. Reading helps children learn important values like kindness, sharing, and helping others. These stories shape their understanding of the world and lay the foundation for empathy and compassion. Find out about a nursery place at: https://www.woodpeckerhallacademy....

Nursery Children Get Creative with 'Superworm' Puppets

Our Nursery children enjoyed the story of 'Superworm' by Julia Donaldson. Inspired by the book, they created their own Superworm puppets by drawing, cutting & sticking paper together. This activity helped develop their creativity, fine motor skills & imagination. Find out about a nursery pla...

Phonics: Building Early Literacy Skills

Our Reception children are learning phonics in their lessons. Phonics is learning how letters sound and how they work together to make words. It helps children develop crucial skills like reading, writing, and communication. Through phonics, they build a strong foundation for literacy that will supp...

Reception Clay Pot Fun

In Reception, the children had lots of fun making their own pots using clay, which they decorated with natural resources like stones. They were encouraged to pinch and smooth the clay to shape their pots. After painting and drying, they'll take their creations home. Visit our website to learn more a...

Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental Health Awareness Week runs from Monday 13 May to Sunday 19 May, and this year's theme is all about prioritising movement for well-being. 

Join our coffee morning

Join us for a coffee morning Friday, 17 May 9am. We'll be discussing our Nursery offer and providing support to parents to help them understand their options. To find out more about a nursery place visit http://www.robinhallnursery.org.uk

Nursery Life Skills: Washing Day Fun

In Nursery, we believe in teaching important life skills early on. Today, our little ones were busy washing doll clothes by hand and hanging them up to dry on a washing line. This not only teaches them about responsibility and caring for others but also helps develop their fine motor skills and inde...

Spelling Practice in Reception

Our Reception children have been honing their spelling skills on whiteboards during their daily lessons. This hands-on activity not only enhances their spelling abilities but also promotes active engagement and fine motor skills. Visit our website to learn more about our vibrant learning  envir...

Sunflower Seeds and Sensory Fun in Reception

With the lovely weather this week, Reception children had fun planting sunflower seeds. The children enjoyed getting them prepared in the propagator and once the seedlings begin to grow, they will transport them into larger pots.In the sensory tray, children explored various textures, mixing water, ...

Former Woodpecker Hall pupil makes it into U17 England Netball Team

Congratulations to Zaneya Cunningham, a former Woodpecker Hall (Cuckoo Hall) pupil, who was selected to represent England in the 2024 U17 Europe Netball tournament in Gibraltar.  Zaneya's unbeatable performance earned her the title of Most Valuable Player. As a school, we couldn't be proud...

Read our latest school newsletter

See the latest news from  school here.

Nursery Rhyme Fun: Engaging Storytime

This week, our Nursery children enjoyed engaging story time sessions, where they learned classic nursery rhymes like 'Hickory Dickory Dock', 'Humpty Dumpty', and 'Incy Wincy Spider'. Storytime not only entertains but also helps develop language, memory, and social skills in children. To find out mor...

Shape Matching Fun in Nursery

Our Nursery children had lots of fun identifying different 2D shapes and matching them with corresponding shape characters. This activity not only enhances their understanding of shapes but also promotes critical thinking and problem-solving skills at an early age. To find out more about a nursery p...

Reception's Real-World Adventure

Our Reception children had an exciting outing to Edmonton Green market. They took a bus ride to buy fruit, inspired by the story of Handa’s Surprise, a picture book by Eileen Browne, about a young girl from Kenya, who brings a basket of fruit to surprise her friend. This hands-on experience helped...

Save the date: Join our Summer Fair

Save the date. Our popular summer fair will be Saturday 29 June11am-3pm. 

Reception: Story Writing & Subtraction Skills

This week in Reception, we're exploring the story Handa's Surprise and practicing writing short stories using common words. In Maths, we're learning about subtraction, getting better at finding the difference between numbers. Visit our website to learn more about our vibrant learning environment: ht...

Pupils learn about money management

Year 5s had a special visit from RedStart, a charity providing financial education through fun & interactive workshops. Led by regional manager, Helen Oliver & finance experts Alice & Debbie. A huge thanks to the RedStart team for delivering such a great workshop.

Nursery Baby Clinic Fun

This week, our Nursery children had a fantastic time at our outdoor Baby Clinic. They took on the roles of caregivers, feeding the babies, changing their nappies, and even giving them baths. To find out more about a nursery place visit http://www.robinhallnursery.org.uk

Reception: Maths & Nature Exploration

This week in maths, our Reception children have been exploring addition, learning to find the total of two amounts. They're getting hands-on with their learning by 'building it' using 5 frames, then transferring their knowledge to the whiteboard to 'write it' out. Outdoors, they're exploring nature ...

IT for Beginners: Join the Outreach team’s Computer Class Now

Join the Outreach team’s Computer Class. IT for beginners, run by Barnet & Southgate College. Over 6 sessions, each lasting 2 hours, starting Monday 29 April 9-11.15am at the Community Outreach Hub, Woodpecker Hall Academy, Nightingale entrance by the bus stop. Spaces are limited, so book your...

Read Aloud: Families Unite for Books & Planet

Read Aloud success. Children enjoyed George Saves the World by Lunchtime, learning the 4Rs of sustainability: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. They also had lots of fun at the 'junk workshop' & book swap, getting creative with 'rubbish' to win prizes like Kindles & art sets.

NHS Sleep hygiene awareness

Our NHS colleagues have asked schools to make parents aware of the importance of sleep hygiene.Some useful information can be found here.

Caterpillar Adventures in Nursery

This week in Nursery, our little ones have been exploring the enchanting world of The Hungry Caterpillar & discovering the magic of life cycles. They've been busy with exciting activities, like crafting their very own caterpillars from clay and observing real caterpillars up close through magnif...

Exploring Numbers: Reception Math Fun

This week, our Reception children had a fantastic time during their math lesson. They were busy solving math problems using colourful counters. This fun activity not only keeps them engaged but also helps them understand numbers better. Visit our website to learn more about our vibrant learning envi...

Nursery’s Gardening Adventures

This week, children in Nursery are exploring the world of plants and learning all about what they need to grow. Our little gardeners are especially excited to see if our beans will sprout into giant beanstalks. Visit us at http://www.robinhallnursery.org.uk 

Exploring the World: Reception Class's Cultural Learning Adventure

This term, children in Reception are learning about the cultures of different countries through stories, music & songs. Pupils were invited to come to school in clothes that represent their culture and had lots of fun learning about where they are all from. We have transformed our role playroom ...

Free gifts - Read Aloud event after school on Monday, 22 April

Everyone who comes will receive free gifts and have a chance to win prizes including art sets, Kindles, and £10 Amazon vouchers for the best models. Parents and young adventurers in Reception, Year 1, and Year 2 are invited to our Junk Workshop on Monday, April 22 from 3:15 to 4:15 PM. In this even...

Coffee morning success

Thank you to all the parents who were able to come to our breakfast meeting. 

Maths Fun in Reception Class

This week, our Reception children had fun learning about shapes in their math lessons. They explored triangles, rectangles and squares, matching them to the right shapes. This activity helps them with recognition, problem-solving, sorting and matching skills. 

Nursery Children Explore Maths with Numicon

This week in Nursery, children have been playing and learning with Numicon pieces. Numicons are fun shapes that help children with maths. They make numbers easier to understand by showing their value and relationship. Each shape represents a number, helping children learn pattern recognition, proble...

Springtime Singing Festival: A Musical Celebration

Our school shined at the Springtime Partnership Singing Festival recently. The Woodpecker Samba Band & Guitar Club took to the stage at Millfield Theatre, joined by talented ensembles from Eldon, Eversley, St Monica’s, and West Grove. It was an incredible celebration of music learning in our b...

Join the Outreach team for Tea and Toast

Join the Outreach team for FREE Tea & Toast every Monday 9-10.30am in the Community Outreach Hub. It’s a great chance to meet people from your community, or just relax with a book from our library. Entrance: Woodpecker Hall Academy, Nightingale Road, N9 8BF (by the bus stop). Contact the Outre...

NHS Second application of Fluoride varnish at Woodpecker Hall for Nursey, Reception and Year 1

On Thursday 18th April 2024, the Enfield Oral Health Team will be back at our Academy to offer the second application Fluoride varnish to pupils in Nursery (aged 3+), Reception and Year 1Parents who consented last time will soon receive a reminder letter and any who missed out last time will be...

Our Daffodil Breakfast Celebrations

It was a great morning of fun and celebration. Our Reception, Year 1 & Year 2 pupils had a lovely Daffodil breakfast to welcome Spring, with boiled eggs & bread with jam. Tables were decorated with beautiful daffodils. What a great way to celebrate.

Year 3 Shines in Ukelele Showcase

Exciting moments at our school's Ukulele assembly. Year 3 pupils wowed Year 2 with their fantastic performance, displaying the skills they've been honing in music lessons with James from Enfield Music Services. Bravo to all our talented performers. 

Reception Children's Egg Hatching Journey

Recently, our Reception children had an egg hatching experience. It was an incredible journey. They witnessed the hatching of 2 chicks and were delighted to welcome a total of 6 adorable chicks into the world. This hands-on experience was a highlight of their Learning Journey ‘Growing’, where ch...

FREE Easter Holidays Learn to Ride sessions for children

Don't miss out on FREE Cycle Skills sessions for kids over the Easter break. Spaces filling up fast. Taking place at Chace Community School from April 2-5 and April 8-12. Find out more here

Holiday and Food Activities: Book a space for your child with Parks Community

Parks Community will be running an exciting HAF programme for primary school children during the easter holidays at Heron Hall Academy. If your child qualifies for Free School Meals, you can sign them up to a range of fun activities with the HAF E-voucher, which the school has provided through email...

School will be closed on Monday, 18 March

Dear Parent/Carers,We are sorry to tell you that scabies has been reported in school. We are bringing this to your attention because scabies can spread rapidly unless all affected children are promptly treated. As we have had several children with confirmed cases, we have made the dec...

Free Lunch & Easter Activities for Eligible Families

Enfield Council’s Holiday Activities & Food Programme, funded by the Department for Education, offers free holiday camps & activities for children eligible for Free School Meals. Children can enjoy sports, enrichment activities, healthy food workshops & FREE lunch each day.Eligible fam...

Parents Pass with Flying Colours

Congratulations to the parents who successfully completed their Maths Skills course. They learned valuable new & easier ways to help manage family finances as well as other financial tips.

Come to our Hummingbirds stay and play sessions

Bring your toddlers to our FREE Hummingbirds stay & play session. There will be lots of fun activities, snacks and refreshments to keep your little ones entertained and engaged. We hope to see you there. 

Pupils dress up for World Book Day

Pupils and staff looked fantastic in their World Book Day costumes. We were so impressed by the children’s creativity and enthusiasm. We had Harry Potter characters, superheroes, princesses and much more. It was great to see our pupils embrace the spirit of World Book Day and celebrate their love ...

Share the Love of Reading: Join our Read Aloud Book Swap

One of our most popular events is back. Join us for our Read Aloud Book Swap and share the love of reading. Reading together promotes bonding & enhances language skills for children.  #ReadAloud #BookSwap

Pupils dress up for Times Tables Rockstars Day

We celebrated the relaunch of our times table programme with a Times Tables Rockstars dress-up day. Times Tables Rockstars is a fantastic maths programme that makes learning times tables fun, effective & worry-free, helping children get better at remembering & using their multiplication &...

NHS Height and weight measurements for Reception and Year 6 pupils at Woodpecker Hall

On Wednesday 13th March, the school nursing team from North Middlesex Hospital will be at the school to weigh and measure the Reception and Year 6 pupils as part of the National Child Measurement Programme.The NHS information letter is here and you will only need to let the school know if you wish ...

Congratulations to Our Book Fair Poster Winners

Congratulations to all our talented pupils who won the Book Fair poster design competition. Winners have earned vouchers to enjoy fantastic books. Join us at the Book Fair from Mon 26 Feb to Thur 29 Feb, in the Playground at the end of the school day. 

Boost Your Culinary Skills with our FREE Cooking Classes

Join our FREE 5-week Community Cooking Classes for parents at the Community Outreach Hub, Nightingale Rd, N9 8BF. Cook delicious vegetarian meals with Sapna from BigSpoon.uk & the Outreach team starting Fri 23 Feb 9am-11am. Perfect for all cooking abilities, ingredients provided. Sign up now at comm...

Free football and sports sessions - 4 to 8 years old

On Saturdays, from March.Entirely free.You can book a session for your child here.

NHS Audiology (hearing screenings) for Reception pupils at Woodpecker Hall

On Monday 19th and Tuesday 20th February 2024, the NHS School screeners will be visiting Woodpecker Hall Academy.  Hearing screenings play an important role in identifying children who may have hearing lossParents have already been sent the letter but a copy can be found here    You only ne...

Exploring Secondary School Life: Year 5s Spend a day at Heron Hall Academy

Our Year 5s got the chance to spend a day at the Trust’s Secondary school, Heron Hall Academy, to find out more about what it is like going to Secondary school. Find out what the children got up to in this short film here 

Pupils enjoy brilliant night out singing at world famous venue

Our primary pupils had an incredible experience at the Young Voices concert at the O2 Arena last week. Joining 9000 children, they formed the 'largest children's choir', singing songs from various eras, enjoying performances by artists like Urban Strides, Natalie Williams, MC Grammar and the talente...

Join our Coffee Morning for Health: Free Diabetes Checks and Prevention Awareness

Coffee morning - preventing Type 2 Diabetes. Enfield Community Diabetes Services is offering free blood sugar checks & an educational clinic Wed 7 Feb 1-3pm, Community Outreach Portacabins, Nightingale Road N9 8BF. No booking required. For more info email [email protected] / 0208 702 583...

Half Term Cafe

Don't miss out on a great hot lunch each day & lots of activities for children every day over half term. Children & families receiving free school meals can join us at The Nest, Nightingale Road, Edmonton N9 8BF 11.30am-1.30pm.Monday, 12 to Friday 16 February. Reserve your place by emai...

Year 6 Explore Stories from the Windrush Generation

Year 6s had a special workshop about the Windrush generation led by Debbie Bogard from the British Library. The children learned about oral history and listened to audio clips, fostering discussions around learning through listening and identifying similarities and differences in the experiences of ...

Exploring the wonders of science at Heron Hall

Year 5s had a fantastic Science Day at the Trust's secondary school, Heron Hall Academy. They engaged in hands-on Biology activities, where they conducted experiments with different foods to learn about the presence of proteins, fats & starches. In their Chemistry lessons, they explored the fasc...

NHS Measles awareness

Our NHS colleagues have asked schools to make parents aware of the continued risk of a Measles outbreak across London.An information leaflet about Measles can be found here.  Translations are available hereNHS Website information about Measles can be found hereClinics are available to pare...

Pupils enjoy our fantastic after school clubs

This week, the children have been having a lot of fun in our after-school clubs. From sports to the arts, our pupils can explore their talents & boost their personal & academic growth. Log into your Arbor account & visit the ‘club’ section to see what is still available. 

15 Hours of Free Childcare for working parents now available

• From April 2024, eligible working parents of 2-year-olds will be able to access 15 hours of free childcare support.• The offer includes 15 hours of funded childcare per week for the 38 weeks a year we can provide care in our nursery.• Parents are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. ...

Labelling school uniform helps us quickly return lost items and prevent mix-ups!

We have large numbers of clothing items that we have no idea who they belong to.Labelling school uniforms is a practical solution, enabling swift return of misplaced items and avoiding mix-ups among students. By clearly marking school uniforms, we ensure lost clothing finds its way back to the ...

Welcome Back, Children

We're so glad to have the children back after the Christmas holidays. They're thrilled to see their friends and teachers again and can't wait to learn and have fun. 

Back to School

We are looking forward to seeing the children back tomorrow, Tuesday 9 January. 

Back to School

We are looking forward to seeing the children back on Tuesday 9 January. 

NHS Winter guidance (Is your child unwell?)

Translations availablePlease click on the below hyperlinks for translations of this poster in the following languages:-AlbanianBulgarianPolishRomanianSomaliTurkish

Year 4s zoom call with researchers in Antarctica

Year 4 were very lucky to have a call with scientists working in Antarctica, as part of their Geography lesson. They were from Rothera. Rothera is the British Antarctic Survey's biggest research station and is the hub for most of the scientists that work in Antarctica. Children were able to ask ques...

Win FREE Tickets to Tottenham vs Arsenal Women's Football Game. Enter the Competition Now!

COMPETITION ALERT. Calling all parents and their superstar kids from North Star Trust schools. We've got an exciting opportunity for you – WIN FREE tickets to the Tottenham Hotspurs vs Arsenal Women's Football game tomorrow 12pm at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.To enter:Email community@northstartr...

Rowan Class Triumphs: Gold at Panathlon Challenge

Congratulations to Rowan class, who are the proud winners of the Panathlon Challenge at Lee Valley Athletics Centre. Panathlon is a charity that gives young people with special educational needs the opportunity to take part in competitive sport. The children participated in activities like basketbal...

Crafting Compassion: Outreach Team's Heartfelt Creations

The Outreach team’s Knitting, Crochet & Embroidery group spreads warmth and kindness with handmade treasures. From orange hats for premature babies to sanitary pouches for students, and a comforting blanket for a brave year 6 pupil, their crafting brings joy and support. 

North Enfield Foodbank Opening Hours

Tuesday, 19th December: 11 am - 3 pmThursday, 21st December: 11 am - 3 pmSaturday, 23rd December: 11 am - 1 pmTuesday, 26th December: CLOSEDThursday, 28th December: CLOSEDSaturday, 30th December: CLOSEDTuesday, 2nd January: 11 am - 3 pm Location:Jubilee CentralUnit 2 Lumina WayEnfieldMiddlesexE...

650 attend Read Aloud launch events in our primary schools

Dear familiesOver 650 attend the recent Read Aloud launch events in our primary schoolsAs CEO of the Trust that manages your school, I wanted to tell you that I found your commitment  to fostering a love of reading in our children to be truly inspiring.With several hundred family members joinin...

Congratulations to our bike prize winner, Bilal!

Congratulations to Bilal in year 5, the proud winner of our grand prize – a bike! He is among the many children who came to Heron Hall Academy, our Secondary school, with their Gold and Silver tickets 

Open Days for Nursery & Reception places on Wednesday 6 December

Come and look around!Open days are very important opportunities for parents and carers of prospective pupils to come into the school.Prospective parents are always welcome.It is your chance to meet us.You can see the school in action as it really is.You can see all of our facilities.See the classroo...

Read Aloud Launch: 200+ Families Celebrate Books Together

We were thrilled to see over 200 families come together yesterday for the launch of our Read Aloud campaign. From enchanting Hungry Caterpillar stories to epic Superhero adventures, the event was a celebration of reading and community spirit. Thank you to all who made it a memorable day.  

Thank you to our PTA

Thank you so much to our newly recruited PTA members, who gave up their time to support with preparations for our upcoming Winter Fair 8 December 3-5pm. 

'North Star Singers' Shine at Choir Concert

Enfield Heights & Woodpecker Hall's 'North Star Singers' shone at the St. George’s Enfield church Choir Concert, delivering brilliant performances of 'Human' by Rag'n'Bone Man & 'Waiting for Love' by Avicii. Well done to all participants. 

NHS Fluoride varnish at Woodpecker Hall for Nursey, Reception and Year 1

On Thursday 7th December 2023, the Enfield Oral Health Team will be visiting our Academy to offer Fluoride varnish to pupils in Nursery (aged 3+), Reception and Year 1Parents will soon receive a letter and a consent form which needs to be returned to the school office..More information about the Fl...

Join us for the launch of Read Aloud

Welcome to the Read Aloud Initiative!The Trust that manages our school is organising its biggest ever reading initiative across its 3 primary schools:  Woodpecker Hall Academy, Kingfisher Hall Academy and Enfield HeightsWe are excited to be a part of this campaign that aims to foster a love for rea...

Join Our PTA Meeting. New Members Welcome

Join our first PTA meeting this academic year Monday 27 November 9am. New members are welcome. Connect with the school community, volunteer at events & help us fundraise. Give as much or as little time as you can. Together, let's make a difference. 

Black Friday Exclusive: Get 15% Off Schoolwear

Exclusive offer on 24 November with a 15% discount on schoolwear. Use code BLACKFRIDAY on www.smithsschoolwear.co.uk 

Pupils Enjoy Festival of Industry Workshop

Pupils took part in an exciting Festival of Industry workshop with Christina from Doodle Designs in partnership with The Dugdale Arts Centre. They painted ceramic tiles, explored Enfield Borough’s industrial past & learned about present industries. Check out more events: www.dugdaleartscentre....

Black Friday Exclusive: Get 20% Off Schoolwear & More Online

Exclusive one-day online offer on 24 November with a 20% discount on all products, including schoolwear & accessories. Use code BLACKFRIDAY20 at checkout on www.uniform4kids.com . Orders will be dispatched via courier & processing may take up to one week.

Empowering Unity: Odd Socks for Anti-Bullying Week

The children kicked off Anti-Bullying Week with pride. Pupils proudly donned odd socks, a symbolic stand against bullying. Wearing these socks sends a clear message that we stand united in promoting kindness & intolerance for bullying. Wear odd socks for #AntiBullyingWeek

Children in Need Dance fundraiser

The school will have a Strictly Come Woody dance fundraiser on 17 November to raise money for Children in Need. The class with the highest donations gets to see their teacher compete in a dance-off. Pupils are invited to wear their own clothes. Please send your child in with a donation of £1. 

Anti-Bullying Week: Odd Socks Day

As part of Anti-Bullying week, the school will have Odd Socks Day on Monday 13 November. Please send your child to school wearing odd socks to celebrate their uniqueness. 

Pupils Enjoy Fun Learning Activities After the Half-Term Break

From crafting history timelines to experimenting with circuits & delving into climate change in Antarctica. We love empowering our pupils with engaging learning experiences.

NHS Vaccination catch-up clinics at Enfield Heights Academy during half term

During half term, Enfield Heights Academy will be hosting two NHS vaccination catch-up clinics.No appointment is needed.These are walk-in clinics open to both parents and members of the local community whose children may have missed any of the vaccinations the NHS offer.DateTimeLocationTuesday 24th ...

Exploring Secondary School Life: Year 5s Spend a Day at Heron Hall Academy

Our year 5s recently spent a day at the Trust’s Secondary school, Heron Hall Academy, to find out more about what it is like going to Secondary school. Find out what the children got up to in this short film. 

Biggest evert art exhibition for Black History Month – Hundreds of works

The whole school came together for an amazing art exhibition full of individual & collaborative pieces, as part of celebrating Black History Month. Proud mums & dads could see their children’s work & it was just like a real art gallery with music, food & drinks. A huge thank you to...

Free lunches and activities over half term - book now!

Don't miss out on a great hot lunch each day and lots of activities for children every day over half term. Children must be supervised by parents.Children and families receiving free school meals can join us at The Nest, Nightingale Road, Edmonton N9 8BF (11.30am-1.30pm).We are open from Monday...

Free Activities for Children During Half Term

FREE activities for children receiving free school meals over the half term. Book your place here 

Celebrating Black History Month: Ana's Inspiring Journey

Ana Ramos-Urrutia, a Senior Policy Advisor for Parliament, delivered an inspiring presentation to our pupils as part of our Black History Month celebrations. As an Afro-Colombian who arrived in the UK aged 12, Ana pursued a law degree and now serves as a civil servant. Her journey illustrates the im...

Biggest Ever Black History Art Gallery

See the schools biggest ever art gallery in honour of Black History Month Thursday 19 October from 3.30pm. The whole school is taking part. Entry is FREE. There will be refreshments and nibbles.

A Record-Breaking Open Evening

Thank you to everyone who was able to come to our Open Evening. We had a record-breaking year. You can still have a morning tour of the school. Check out this link here for more information https

Macmillan Coffee morning

Thank you to all the parents who were able to come to our Macmillan Coffee morning.  Thanks for your generosity. We raised a lot of money for a great cause.  

Open Evening at Heron Hall Academy

Come and see around the Trust's school - Heron Hall Academy.This year our Open Evening will take place on Tuesday, 10 October 2023 5.30pm -7.30pm.You will be able to have a tour around the school to see our fantastic classroom, sports, teaching and learning facilities. Plus speak to the teachers and...

A Golden Ticket for our Year 6 families

Your child has been given a very special Golden ticket to take home. If they bring it to the Open Evening of our secondary school, Heron Hall Academy, on Tuesday, 10 October, they could win some great prizes.Find out more about the Open Evening here.#GoldenTicket

Exciting Transition Day at Heron Hall Academy Sparks Success

Last week, our Year 5 pupils had a fantastic day at The Trust's secondary school, Heron Hall Academy, as part of a ‘transition day’. They explored the exciting world of drama, where they had the chance to do script work, narration and a live performance on stage. Transition days help prepare chi...

Key Stage 2 results for 2022-23.

We are incredibly proud of Key Stage 2 results for 2022-23.The children, staff and school community worked tirelessly to ensure our Year 6 children left us with a great foundation for secondary school.This year’s results, continue an upward trend and show that our children achieve much better than...

Looking for a Fantastic Nursery? – Enrol Today

Looking for a great nursery place? At Robin Hall we have:- 15 hours and 30 hours funded childcare places available with intakes through the year- Flexible and affordable childcare 8-6 pm, Monday-Friday- Qualified teachers and highly skilled nursery staff- Large, modern indoor and fantastic outdoor l...

Delight in Turkish Flavors: A special school meal on Thurs, 5 October

As part of our ongoing focus of recognising different cultures in our amazing community, we will be holding a Turkish School Dinner day on Thursday 5 October.So far we have celebrated cultures through food from: Britain, The Caribbean, China and now it’s time for Turkey.All children are encouraged...

Pupils Enjoy Ukulele Workshop

Pupils had an amazing time at the Ukulele workshop with James from Enfield Music Service. They learned to play strumming patterns and melodies as a group and how to identify notes.

FREE school meals for all children

All our children are now enjoying nutritious and healthy FREE school meals. Thank you to our dedicated kitchen staff. If your child is not getting a free school meal, please contact the office. #FreeSchoolMeals #HealthyKids #LondonEducation 

Join Our Coffee Morning

Join our coffee morning Friday 22 Sept 8.45am. We will discuss ways that you can help your child at home and what we can offer as a school. It’s a great chance to meet other parents and become part of our school community. 

Information for parents - Reception baseline assessment

If your child is in reception they will be participating in the reception baseline assessment (RBA) within the first 6 weeks of starting reception. The purpose of the assessment is to provide the starting point for a progress measure that will help parents understand how well schools support their p...

Community Outreach: Building Stronger Communities and Thriving Families

Our Community Outreach Team is here to lend a helping hand whenever you need it. They’re looking forward to working with all our families, offering free courses to parents, fun activities for children and the ever-popular coffee mornings. 

Meet Your Child's Teacher

Please join us to meet the Year Group team and find out what your child will be learning this year 9am - 9.45am Upper School Hall:Year 1 - Tuesday 12 September Year 2 - Wednesday 13 September Year 3 - Thursday 14 September  Year 4 - Thursday 7 September  Year 5 - Friday...

Welcome Back, Pupils: Ready for a Fantastic Year Ahead

We're so glad to have our pupils back after the summer holidays. They're thrilled to see their friends and teachers again and can't wait to learn and have fun this year.