Statement regarding policies during the during Covid-19 pandemic

We are all fully aware that the ‘new normal’ in a school setting is going to be very different for some time to come.

Wherever possible it is our intention to adhere to all of our policies as normal but we want everyone to recognise the complexities attached to running our schools normally in in these unprecedented times.

As a result, we will allow ourselves time to reflect on the changing educational landscape and amend our polices as and when we think we have sufficient information to do so appropriately or government guidance has been provided.

It may well be, for example as a result of social distancing rules or staff capacity to be in school, that we just cannot meet the exact requirements of a specific policy every day of every week, but we will use our best endeavours within these new limitations to do so. We will be guided by what we believe is reasonable, fair and practicable and in the light of the results of any relevant risk assessment and will take this approach in adhering to our policies as closely as we can.

We will follow the latest Department for Education (DfE) guidance throughout and will ensure that we communicate any changes to you.

There will be continued monitoring and amendment as necessary in the light of the emerging situation. Policies will remain a regular agenda item at Trustees meetings.

Parental concerns

We do our best to resolve any concerns that may arise quickly and informally.

Sometimes just a discussion with with your child's teacher can resolve any queries or worries that you may have.

Our senior staff are also available to help you if necessary.

In the very rare event of an unresolved concern, the Academy also has a formal Complaints Procedure.

Please post your completed and signed Complaint Form, or drop it in by person, to the Academy Office, where it will be processed and responded to accordingly.

Data protection policy, privacy notices and related documents

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