In our policies: -

The term ‘staff’ refers to all staff on site including ancillary, agency and supply staff, students on placement, contractors who work with children, Governors, Trustees and volunteers working with children.

The term ‘child’ / ‘children’ includes everyone under the age of 18 however any pupil older than 18 but still on roll at a school would be included in scope

Parental concerns

We do our best to resolve any concerns that may arise quickly and informally.

Sometimes just a discussion with with your child's teacher can resolve any queries or worries that you may have.

Our senior staff are also available to help you if necessary.

In the very rare event of an unresolved concern, the Academy also has a formal Complaints Procedure.

Please post your completed and signed Complaint Form, or drop it in by person, to the Academy Office, where it will be processed and responded to accordingly.

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