Looking for a great school? We have Reception places available for September 2022. You can still apply. Go to Admissions/ How to Apply or call 020 8804 4126 for more information.

Welcome from our Reception teachers

Welcome to Reception

In reception, teachers work hard to embed positive attitudes towards school and learning. In addition to setting the expectations for children's behaviour and building a sound understanding of key concepts such as reading and numbers.

We believe our school is a great choice for your child.

Your child will get a foundation in literacy through communication and language activities such as role play, listening exercises and show and tell. They will also learn the alphabet and high frequency words, and begin to be taught phonics blends.

Find out a lot more about us by downloading our Reception brochure here.

Starting in September

Dear families,

We are looking forward to welcoming the children to their Reception classes in September and to getting to know you all.

We thought it would be nice to record some short messages from the teachers who will be looking after your children from the start of the new academic year.

If you haven't already make sure you sign up to our social media channels - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter - and follow news about the school across the summer.

Reception testing.

Do you have a child starting reception class from the 2021/22 academic year?

If so, your child will be participating in the government's Reception baseline assessment (RBA) within the first 6 weeks of starting reception.

The purpose of the assessment is to provide the starting point for a new measure that will help parents understand how well schools support their pupils to progress between reception and year 6 / the end of key stage 2.

You can read more about what is happening here.

Our teachers

Welcome to Holly Class!

Welcome to Hazel Class!

Welcome to Willow Class!

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