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Forest garden school

Our Forest Garden sessions have begun!

I am super excited to announce that Nursery children have started their Forest Garden sessions this half—term and, after Easter break, they will be followed by Reception children who will also use our Forest garden to gain the insight into the Forest School ethos.

Children growing up in the city often have limited opportunities to experience the natural world first-hand. We are very lucky to have Ayse’s garden in Cuckoo Hall playground which offers a beautiful green space to learn outside and appreciate nature.
Our weekly Forest Garden sessions provide an amazing opportunity to take more learning outside.

Children in our Nursery and Reception classes can develop vital skills that are needed throughout life: resilience, communication and teamwork as benefits of outdoor sessions inspired by Forest School’s principles.

During our Forest Garden sessions, the children will explore the outdoors and the natural environment with practical, useful, hands on activities, building upon emotional and spiritual aspects of learning where self-esteem and self-confidence can grow and positive relationships with peers can be formed.

See the Forest Garden Curriculum web that provides some of the learning opportunities within Early Years Foundation Stage.

We hope all the children enjoy their time in the forest garden.

If you have any questions, or would like more information please let me know.

Thank you.

Justyna Powrie
EYFS Assistant Head Teacher

What is Forest school?

Forest School is the name of a specific ethos – a way of working with children in an outdoor natural space for an extended period of time, often a full year with regular sessions not just a one-off trip to the nature area. The name Forest School does not refer to an actual place; it refers to the philosophy.

This approach to outdoor learning encourages children to become independent, use their imagination, take appropriate risks within boundaries and initiate learning for themselves. Forest School ethos offers a holistic approach, incorporating children’s individuality and develops their skills for lifelong learning.

Find out more about Forest school here.