Ayannah Latymer Success!

We are very proud of Ayannah Uddin for getting a place at Latymer School.

Latymer School is one of the best secondary state-schools in the entire country and is notoriously difficult to get into, so it is absolutely fantastic that Ayannah got in!

We spoke to Ayannah to get some more information on her amazing achievement following her successful results.

She said Woodpecker had played a hugely important role in helping her get into Latymer: "All the teachers at Woodpecker are really supportive. It has been great the way that they challenged me to help me learn. They all believed so much in me". 

Ayannah spoke very fondly of Mrs McKeown, her class teacher, who especially helped her to progress in key subjects like Maths and English.

She is eagerly looking forward to the way Latymer "educate their students" and "push and motivate you to achieve to your maximum potential". 

"My mum is so proud of me. When we found out that I had my place, she screamed out in joy and shock. Getting the email with the news was amazing.”

Despite her excitement at going to secondary next September, Ayannah also expressed sadness at the prospect of leaving Woodpecker Hall, the school that she has "spent her whole life at". She has been at Woodpecker since she was a 4 year old at the nursery. Ayannah has great memories of the school and knows she will be upset to be saying goodbye to all her teachers and friends.

She offered some advice to the younger pupils of Woodpecker Hall: "Work hard and do your very best. You don't need to be perfect, just be yourself".

We hope Ayannah enjoys her last few months at Woodpecker.