Reception Year Open Day: Friday, 23 March 2018

At Cuckoo Hall Academy & Woodpecker Hall Primary Academy, hosted by our headteachers.

10-11am Cuckoo Hall
11am-12pm Woodpecker Hall
5.30pm Cuckoo Hall
5.30pm Woodpecker Hall

"Come and have a look around two of our fantastic schools. Keep your options open if you don’t get your first choice on 16 April."

We take applications from all over Enfield and our neighbouring boroughs.

For more info

Please visit our open day pages at Woodpecker and Cuckoo

Chance to win an £100 shopping voucher (on registration)

[email protected] or call 020 8804 4126 (Cuckoo) 020 8443 0708 (Woodpecker)