Its cold and snowy - a great time to get reading!

Every study shows that children who read aloud for at least 15 mins every day do better in their exams, even in subject areas such as maths.

CHAT Academies Chief Executive, Marino Charalambous, who started the successful 'Read Aloud' initiative across the Trust's primary schools last year, said:

"This weather, especially if you are staying warm in doors, is the ideal time to get everyone reading. Reading aloud is especially effective."

A recent US study revealed that a  child who reads for just 5 minutes each day will read through a total of 282,000 words. But a  pupil who reads for 20 minutes, will read 1.8 million words. Which one will have the better vocabulary? Which one would you expect to be more successful in their studies?

The benfits of reading aloud include:

  • Sharpens your focus
  • increases your vocabulary
  • results in greater comprehension
  • improves listening and reading skills