New Free school meal vouchers for May Half Term – Please don’t lose out, click your e code by 8 June!

You must redeem your Edenred ‘e code’ by 8 June.

Our very strong advice is to click on it and claim it as soon as you get your email from them in the next few days.

The vouchers themselves are entirely funded by the government and do not come from CHAT. Sadly, they are cancelled if they are not redeemed by 8th June and cannot not be re-issued.

So please read this information carefully to ensure that you do not lose out on the new vouchers that you will shortly be receiving.

Getting the Edenred ‘e code’ for your vouchers

Parents should look in their inbox for an email from Edenred for the vouchers covering the half term week, which they should receive by 24 May. 

The total value of the new half-term vouchers will be £15 per child.

Please remember that if you cannot find an email from Edenred then check in your junk email folder.

•      Act on the email as soon as you receive it.

 Ignore the Edenred expiry date for the ‘e code’ you receive

The Edenred email will show a date of expiry of the e code. Parents should ignore that date. 

You must redeem the e code by 8 June at the very latest. If the code is not redeemed then it cannot be re-issued.

Our very strong advice is to click on it and claim it as soon as you get the email

Once the e code has been redeemed the actual shopping voucher you will receive will have a longer expiry date on it. 

You can then use the shopping voucher according to that date. 

It is the initial e-code that must be used by 8th June or it will be cancelled and cannot be re-issued.

The key date to ensure you can use your vouchers is 8 June.