Woodpecker Hall Celebrate Black History Month

This year we decided to integrate Black History Month into learning throughout the school. Each year group had a choice of which area they were focusing on.

We decided to combine Black History Month with typical school lessons.

For example, the Year 6’s worked on the history of the Apartheid which included a biography of Nelson Mandela that used English and writing skills. The Year 4’s studies the slave trade and the so-called triangular slave route between the US, UK and Africa which involved Geography. Reception learnt songs from the underground railroads that the slaves sung together as a secret message to help others get out of the plantation.

We spoke to some of the pupils that helped create an amazing Martin Luther King poster (above) and they said their favourite part of Black History Month was learning about it and then being able to create something around a range of different topics related to civil rights and the struggle for equality.

All work was presented in a special assembly

Topics Studied

Reception: The Underground Rail Road
Year 1: Rosa Parks Montgomery Bus Boycott
Year 2: Civil Rights Movement
Year 3: Central High School Integrated
Year 4: Slave Trade
Year 5: First Black President
Year 6: Apartheid