Woodpecker PTA card swap event a great success

The newly relaunched PTA at the school got off to a great start by organising an after school playground Lego card swap in the lovely October sunshine.

Not only did the kids get a chance to swap those annoying doubles for cards they needed - but money was raised for the school.

Woodpecker pupil, Dejon, needed over 100 cards to complete his Lego card set. But with the hard work, determination, a lot of swapping, and teamwork from the PTA and his mum, he managed to find them all - apart from card 126.

As everyone was about to give up, another mum called out “126 I’ve found it” and Dejon’s Lego card collection was completed.

As you can see from the picture he was a very happy young boy.

PTA Chair, Tara Gordon said:

“It was a really great event to help relaunch the PTA. Thank you to those  who came and to our parent volunteers for helping out. Plus we raised much needed cash for the school through 50p donations. Look out for future PTA events.”

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