Helping families get new items of uniform they need: Monday 24 August

On Monday, 24 August only (10am-1pm), we are offering the parents of both Cuckoo Hall, Woodpecker Hall and Robin Hall the chance to order new items of uniform for each school if they are struggling to get to the shop, Smiths Schoolwear.

We will get them for you directly.

You will then be able to return to us on September 3rd or 4th to collect the items you have bought.

We thought this might help some of our families to save them from travelling at this time.

What do I need to do?

On Monday, whether you are a parent from Cuckoo, Robin or Woodpecker Hall, please come to the main office at Cuckoo Hall Academy (10am-1pm).

The Woodpecker office will not be open. Everyone will need to come to the Cuckoo office.

Please see the map.

You will then be able to fill out an order form with us when you arrive for any items of uniform that you need.

Please see a list of uniform items, together with prices.

You will need to pay on the day by cash or cheque.

Prices shown include a small admin fee - all proceeds will go to the school PTAs.

How do I get my uniform items after I have ordered them?

On 3rd and 4th September, you will be able to return to the main Cuckoo Hall office (9am-3pm) and collect your order.

As the two schools are amalgamating, does this mean this is a new uniform we need to buy?


The school uniforms for both schools are staying the same for the academic year 2020-21. You are ordering either existing Woodpecker, Cuckoo or Robin Hall items. There is no new school uniform.