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Blended learning

Remote learning strategy

So that pupils and their parents know what to expect from the school if they need to self-isolate, or where national or local restrictions require them to remain at home, we are publishing information about our remote education provision on our website.

Please spend a few minutes reading our remote learning strategy.

At Cuckoo and Woodpecker Hall Academies our aim is to ensure:

•    All children have access to the internet when this becomes more freely available through government initiatives.

•    All families have at least one device for home learning and where possible all children have their own device.

•    Our online opportunities provide a learning experience that is appealing and that delivers successful learning outcomes.

We welcome feedback at all times from our families about how we can improve what we are doing.

You can find out more here.

DB Primary

DB Primary is one of the UK's leading online learning platforms. Its is easy for children to use and for parents to help with learning at home. All tasks can be set and completed within DB Primary. Children are able to access a variety of learning activities that are directly linked to the National Curriculum. 

DB Primary is to be used by all children from Reception to Year 6. Nursery children will have their learning work set separately. See below.

All children have been given a login. Once your child logs in, they will be able to see work that has been added for them to complete.

In addition to this, your child can also access a range of self-learning activities.

If you have any queries relating to DB Primary, including how to get your login details, please email us with your child's name, year group and the school they go to [email protected] If you click on the yellow whistle on the top left corner of the DB Primary screen, you can send a message to the class teacher.

Nicky Ross, Headteacher

How to information and support

How to log into DB Primary and how to upload work to the platform


Direct link to DB Primary

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