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Welcome to our homework resources.

Homework is extremely important.

On this page you will find resources to help you and your child do their homework. The information includes what they are studying and how you can support them.

What we ask of you

If parents and pupils choose to engage with homework, their teachers will give regular feedback in any books handed in. If parents and pupils choose not to engage with homework, this is parental choice and teachers will not chase parents and there will be no consequences for pupils who, for some reason, cannot engage with the optional homework tasks. Of course, we hope that all our pupils will be excited to complete the tasks set and use these tasks to become even better at their schoolwork

Staff have also worked hard to produce curriculum booklets which have lots of information to help you support your child’s learning including. Visit our curriculum booklets page.

Important notice

We are currently updating all of our resources. They will be available shortly.

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